We offer unique vintage, recycled and rhinestone jewelry

Welcome to Free Spirit Creations, where old vintage jewelry are recycled into one-of-a-kind retro-glamour pieces.

Taking the old and blending it with the new - this is what Free Spirit Creations exists to deliver. We take pride in taking old, or even broken pieces (which might have otherwise been thrown out or given away) into something beautiful and new. We bring new purpose to jewelry others would think have outlived their usefulness.

Also known as recycled jewelry, we create unique jewelry pieces from old rhinestone brooches, vintage buttons, earring pieces, chandelier crystals, old clock keys, old vintage lace, pearls, cameos, vintage hardware, antique lockets, antique beads, vintage glass and more.

Here at Free Spirit Creations, we create one-of-a-kind pieces that are certain to inspire awe and delight in everyone who sees them. From earrings to necklaces, to cuff bracelets, our masterfully crafted custom creations possess an undeniable charm that's glamorous, sophisticated and classic at the same time.

We specialize in rhinestone jewelry, vintage button jewelry and vintage recycled jewelry that's uniquely your own. We also provide custom jewelry design services for customers who would like to breathe new life into their own vintage jewelry that are broken or are in need of a "total makeover".

We believe in making beautiful, fun and charming jewelry pieces by combining elements of old vintage items and combining them with the new. With the right artistic approach and an insane amount of creativity, we at Free Spirit Creations are able to offer unique products and services to perfectly fit our clients' specific needs
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