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See our recycled jewelry collection!

Free Spirit Creations is old vintage jewelry recycled into beautiful one of a kind unique whimsical pieces, using mixed media ,old world classic elements of antique jewelry from all over the world. 

  • Rhinestone Brooches, earring pieces
  • Vintage buttons
  • Crystals form chandlers
  • Skeleton,Old clock Keys
  • Old Vintage lace, Pearls
  • Vintage hardware
  • Cameos
  • Antique lockets
  • Vintage Glass Beads
  • Antique beads

Each piece is extraordinary unique and one of a kind. Classic Antique rhinestone embellishments that are stunning with a modern-retro glamour. Vintage cameos and lockets have that old world romantic appeal. We love to make things from old broken piece of jewelry that would be thrown away and give it a new beautiful life. We recycled things that you would not even think of as jewelry, Vintage Salt shaker into a Whimsical bejeweled beautiful necklace with embellishments on the chain and bottle. Vintage rhinestone and pearls. We love to re-purpose things into pieces of art.

Each piece has it own uniqueness. Some are Romantic modern feel, some have rustic old world vibe, Each is extraordinary and very versatile and can be worn with a little black dress or pair of jeans.

We welcome custom work, if you have something that is special to you and is out of date or broken, like your baby jewelry or your grandmothers jewelry, it could be anything.....we can recycle it into a new beautiful fun piece of jewelry.

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